Saturday, March 16, 2013

and an and, and an and, and an and, and the end.

"I'm a little coffee pot, short, stout, and burnt beyond recognition.  Sour to the taste and an and, and an and, and an and, and the end."  -- From My Head To My Middle Finger I Really Think I Like You, Frank Iero
Dying the majority of my hair firetruck red, even though my mother hates it because apparently it's the family hair or something, and represents us all...woops.
The glorious fandom side of Tumblr
Taking too hot showers to practice burning in hell.  Ha.
Getting good grades
Going through the junk drawer and raking up thirty bucks
 and can I please lick you oh my god
 and why aren't you cannon already
 and Castiel you gay angel man
 and The Doctor's bow ties make me happy
 and Martin oh my god stop it
 and actual luscious moose princess Jared Padalecki
 and will Sherlock and John please just get married
and look at your face it is perfection
and so yeah.  It's perfect.  Even though I've been crying all day because of shows the actors above are in.  So it's a good kind of crying.  Fandom crying.  So have some more Frank quotes, because they are my favorites.
"You wreck me, you scoundrels, you, and for that I am forever indebted."
"What a dark mess of additives we've become"
"So for now...peace, love, and misdemeanors, because I plan on being out of step for a while, dear."
"Let my wrists and I figure this one out alone"
"I am facing my demons...I am the face of hers."
I'm gonna go watch more shows.  I love you, kay?

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